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Rings Catalogue

Please note, unless a specific size is mentioned, the rings are adjustable.  Base metal on the adjustable rings is either antiqued gold plated over brass, or antiqued sterling silver over brass.
Please refer to your choice by CATALOGUE NUMBER ~

R-107  $42

R-106  $42

R-105   $42

R-103   $42

R-100   $42

R-101   $42

R~94   $42

R~95   $42

R~9   $37

R~11   $37

R~15   $42

R~14   $37

R~17   $202  Larimar, All Sterling Silver

R~47   $42

R~49   $47

R~52   $37

R~53   $37

R~54   $37

R~1   $32

R~2  $32

R~3   $32

R~5   $32
R~4  $32

R~7   $32

R~8   $32