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I'm thrilled to provide custom orders for my clients, as well.

Bracelet Catalogue

Please refer to your choice by CATALOGUE NUMBER ~

B-149 $47 Adjustable hand painted leather cuff
B-148  $47 Adjustable hand painted leather cuff
B-150 $47 Hand painted leather cuff

B-146  $30  Czech beads; handmade bird bead

B-147 $30  Czech beads;Turquoise nugget

B-145  $30  Czech beads

B-144  $30 Czech beads; Angelite nugget

B-143  $30 Carnelian, Cloissone, Lampwork, Sunstone beads

B-137  $47  Adjustable hand painted leather cuff

B-139  $47  Adjustable hand painted leather cuff

B-142  $32  Memory wire faux cork bracelet; handcast bronze bird charm with aquamarine stone

B-141  $32  Memory wire leather bracelet; hand cast bronze cross and vintage Infant of Prague holy medal

                               B-131  $282  Druzy/turquoise/argentium/brass/titanium

B-130  $92  Brass/copper/sterling/chalcedony

B-132  $82  Hand forged copper

B-133  $82  Hand forged copper (small wrist)
B-135  $82  Hand forged copper

B-129  $47
B-119   $37 Sagittarius Zodiac 

B~117   $132

B-108   $27

B-109   $27

B-113   $57

B-92   $82

B-115   $52

B-103   $52

B-98   $47

B-97   $47

B-102   $82

B-100   $82

B-91   $82

B-93   $82
B-94   $82

B~84   $50

B~62   $50

B-38    $46

B-37  $46

B-44   $52

B-41   $37

BR-4 ~  $132

BR-36 ~ $37

B-6   $65

BR-11   $107

BR-12   $107

BR-13   $82

BR-30  $37

BR-35   $42

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